Education & Training

Advanced Coach Training (from most recent) 

  • Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital: Coaching in Medicine and Leadership, Theory, Practice & Result (Postgraduate continuing education)

  • Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital: Coaching in Medicine and Leadership; (Postgraduate continuing education)

  • Talent and Management for Leadership: How to Boost Your Contribution

  • Lead The Next Evolution: How to Create a Coaching Centered Work Culture

  • Coaching as an Emerging Profession: What the Research Says 

  • Impact of Coaching in Organizations: Research Implications for Creating Cultures of Coaching Within Organizations

  • Similarities / Difference in Organizational Coaching Programs Between the U.S. Government and Fortune 500 Companies

  • Research 201: Critical Issues in Conducting Research Projects, Writing Research Papers and Integrating Research into Practice

  • 21st Century Leadership - Coach the Leader, Change the World

  • Communicating In a Changing World; Word Play for Visionaries

  • Strengths Based Coaching - Shifting Clients to a Vision of Possibilities

  • Narrative Coaching: Working With Clients' Own Stories for Transformational Results

  • Dialogue and Research in the Development of Coaching as a Profession

  • Evidence-based Practice: A Potential Approach for Effective Coaching

  • Ideological Foundations of the Adaptive Coaching Model: a research-based approach to improving coaching results

  • Leading With Insight: Transforming Leaders and Delivering ROI

  • How Ontological Coaching Can Support Effective Leadership

  • Five Key Coaching Strategies for Developing Integrated Leaders

  • Coaching Executives to Close the Satisfaction Gap

  • Leveraging Individual and Executive Teams, Coaching for Impact 

  • There is More to What Your Client Tells You Than You Think: How Deeper Answers to Client Questions Surface

  • Bringing Mindfulness to Coaching: Practices for Sensing and Shifting Subtle Habits

  • 20/20 Vision for Coaching Through the Scientist-Practitioner Model

  • Assessing Coaching Effectiveness

  • Researching Coaching Outcome: Impact of Coaching Following a Leadership Development Program

  • Evolutionary Coaching: Coaching Mega Human Beings

  • Executive Coaching and The Body

  • Taking it Deeper: The “Art and Science of Credible Executive Coaching

  • An Integral Approach to Coaching Leaders

  • Political Leadership Coaching 


University of Alberta: Organizational Behaviour Studies

Theory and practice of the organization in three major parts: the organizational environment, the organizational structure, and the behaviour of groups and individuals within the organization. Including: The social role of managers, organizational structure, individual perception, motivation, decision-making and leadership, communication, teamwork and stress in the work place.

Professional School of Psychology: The Center for Executive Coaching: Executive Coaching an Appreciative Approach – Whitehorse, Yukon, 2004 (Field work, practicum) 

  • Understand and value another point of view; 

  • Recognize contributions of others; 

  • Craft a vision or compelling image of the future; 

  • Recognize and uncover distinctive strengths and competencies;

  • Value cooperation; and 

  • Construct provocative propositions. 


Professional School of Psychology (California) & Canadian Institute for Research and Education in Human Systems (Toronto) Post-graduate in Organizational Psychology with focus in Executive Coaching – 2004 “Advanced level training and education for those accomplished human service professionals who work with men and women in organizations faced with the daunting task of making decisions (the “executive” function of leadership) within a postmodern context of complexity, unpredictability and turbulence.”  

  • Appreciating the context within which another person or organization is operating;  

  • Delving into the core dynamics of human behavioural and emotional patterns and how they translate to situational coaching;

  • Acknowledging the distinctive, unacknowledged impact of individuals;

  • Recognising and giving feedback on distinctive strengths and competencies;

  • Uncovering distinctive strengths and competencies;  

  • Recognising the value of cooperation;  

  • Advocacy inviting inquiry;  

  • Coaching for the enhancement of executive performance.  


Center for Executive Coaching:

  • ACTP Certified Executive Coaching Program

Graduate School of Coaching:

  • Advanced Coaching Proficiencies – Third level advanced Coach training

  • Designing Failsafe Structures for Performance 

  • Advanced Coaching Models  

  • Advanced Coaching Theory 

  • The 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems 

  • Crafting a Unique Proficiency-Set to Offer To Your Ideal Market  

  • The Impact of Technology on Human Evolution  

  • Designing a Customized Leadership Program To Fit For Your Target Market  

  • The 10 Most-In-Demand Corporate Coaching Processes  

  • How Developing Coaching Theory is Changing the Face of Coaching

  • Upgrading Your Sources of Energy 

  • Understanding the 10 Primary Challenges that Executives Face, and How to Coach Them Well in All 10 Areas 

  • The Modern Leadership Program: The 15 Proficiencies of Advanced Leadership 

  • Visionary Thinker Program: Looking, and Acting, 10 Years Forward. 

  • Universal Trends: The 10 Trends That Are Shaping Our World, and How To Change Your Thinking to Make the Most of Them 

  • Coaching the Business Owner who is "The Problem" 

  • Creating a Coaching Culture in an Organization 

  • Coaching Programs for Organizations 

  • Coaching Principles 

  • Personal Environments 

  • Coach Proficiencies 

  • Coach Clarifiers 

  • Fundamental Coaching Proficiencies


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