Don't listen to us. Listen to them.

Donna has a keenly emotional mind -- and she is really generous with it. As my professional coach for more than 3 years, Donna helped me to navigate changes, decisions, and conflicts, not by telling me what to do, but by helping me access the answers that I knew, but was hesitant to apply myself. She is a patient listener, and the advice she gives comes from years of experience working through problems much bigger than mine, with people in jobs way above my pay grade. I've been so lucky to have access to her insights and her support, and I hope we can continue our collaboration for many years to come. If you have the chance to work with her, don't pass it up. - Dominic Muren, Chief Technology Officer at Nube9; TED Fellow

Donna Karlin is an extremely skilled executive coach. Donna uses patience as a strategic tool that allows you to evolve, soak in her guidance and ultimately discover about yourself what she knew within the first 5 minutes of working with you. It is only then that she shares with you exactly what you need to hear because she knows you now have the ability to take it in and do something with it. This, coupled with many other great attributes and capabilities, is what makes Donna so exceptional. - Jackie O'Connor, Director, HR Shared Services Merger Integration Exelon Corporation

"Donna is a real GEM! She has an incredibly high spirit and engaging personality. Her energetic approach and deep knowledge has helped me enormously to realize my full potential, as well as having better communication skills. I enjoy working together with her and will continue doing so in the future. I can highly recommend her as a coach." - Tuuli Sauren - Creative Director/Art Director/Founder INSPIRIT International Communications, Brussels, Belgium

"Donna is an inspiration. She's a great teacher, speaker, author and much more. She has an outgoing personality and the want and desire to make others aware of their own importance. She is a leader among women in my book and is always eager and raring to go." - Janette Mowry -  CEO Success Transcripts, Bainbridge, Georgia

"Donna has a keen insight and comprehensive understanding of her client's issues. Her warm and enthusiastic manner makes everything easier to swallow , even the tough work that needs to be done. She brings a wealth of wisdom and perspective to each interaction." - Sunny Bates - Curator, New York City

"Simply put, Donna Karlin is a master. With a style that is both direct and gracious, she lasers right to the heart of a matter; telling it like it is while holding her client in such a way that they can't help believing they are up to the challenge. Every interaction with Donna leaves me both wiser and charged. She is not afraid to "go there" with her clients, taking on the issues that others might easily miss and through her courageous approach, she inspires, energizes, and facilitates results like no one I have ever met in this field.” - Jan Rybeck - Principal, Momentum Resources LLC

"In my 30 years business experience I have met almost no- leader whom I'd dare to evaluate as utterly competent, trustable, talented, friendly, tech -savvy and well-connected. Donna is the "whole package", a true gem. Extremely articulated, amazingly fast, and always "on target", she makes things happen and so, advances businesses and projects. She coaches, trains, and mobilizes teams and their leaders, and above all that, shares everything with this kind of greatness you rarely see. I consider it a huge privilege having met her, working with her and learning from her." - Ramiro Ponce, Guatemala - Board member International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations

In one word...Donna is "brilliant." She is a world class coach, with exceptional skills to bring out the very best in her clients. Her insight and wisdom, coupled with her boundless positive spirit make her a highly skilled coach. She was a tremendous support to FCG during its time of transition and great turmoil. We couldn't have made it through without her. If you need an executive coach with finely honed skills, who always asks the right questions, look no further than Donna" - Anne Kelly, CEO, Federal Consulting Group, Washington, D.C. 

“Donna Karlin and I have known each other for over two years. We both serve on the Board of Directors for the International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations (ICCO). Rarely in life does one meet someone like Donna. I am fortunate to be able to work with Donna on a regular basis with our work on the ICCO board. These are words/phrases I use to describe Donna: --intelligent --articulate --innovative --superior coach --highest level of energy --committed --follows through --business savvy --passionate --willing --giving --technologically astute I would not hesitate to recommend Donna as a coach, a business partner, a board member or coach trainer (to name just a few). Donna has helped ICCO grow to what it is today through her innovative ideas, commitment and passion for the coaching profession, and her tremendous amount of energy that becomes contagious! - Vicki Foley - Senior Vice President, Lee Hecht Harrison, Past President of the International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations ICCO), Greater New York City

“Donna is committed to your success. And she delivers. She challenges you to be your best and helps you find the tools within you to rise up to your full potential. I highly recommend Donna.” - Geoffroi Montpetit, Senior Policy Advisor of the Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition - Liberal Party of Canada

I have had the pleasure of working with Donna in several different contexts - IJCO, PCPI, ICCO, and JBL&A, Inc. She is an extraordinary coach and change agent. Committed, intuitively astute, creative, energetic and profoundly effective. I have not only enjoyed working with her on every project we have shared. I also look to her for perspective and guidance as I take my businesses forward. Her shadow coaching in the Canadian and US governments (that I know of) is renowned and without parallel. She also does an outstanding job of teaching and coaching in the corporate sector across international borders. Please consider this the strongest of recommendations to work with her. She will make a profound difference with you on behalf of what you care about most deeply. I am honored to have Donna as a colleague and friend.” - John Lazar; owner John B. Lazar & Associates, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

"Since my formal coach training, I make it a point to do at least one or two programs a year to further develop my coaching competencies. Of the programs I have participated in over the past few years, I found this to be one of the best. While the subject matter and content is excellent, Donna Karlin is clearly one of the best instructors I've had the opportunity to learn from. Donna is exceptional in meeting the needs of her students and kept me 100% engaged during the entire program. I look forward to continue my learning under her instruction." - Lou Chrostowski, Rhode Island, 

"Donna Karlin is a very knowledge and credible resource for shadow coaching. Her workshop was fast paced and engaging and you walk away with a plethura of resources that support the classroom learning. Donna has mastered the art of the question and helps you do the same!" - Janine Schindler, MCC, New York City, 

"Donna not only works with the individual, but with the individual's context --- as she helps improve the environment (the whole team). Thus her influence can be quite widespread. Donna cares a lot about the people she works with. Her caring and hard work encourages us to do our best too." - Alex Volkoff; Chief Information Officer: Canadian International Development Agency, currently her Excellency, Canadian Ambassador to Sweden.  

"The Shadow Coaching Training provided a tremendously powerful coaching tool/skill set that will prove quite valuable in today's "do more with less" environment that clients are demanding. It is also a versatile asset for longer term coaching engagements. Thanks Donna for bringing this cutting-edge training to me. I know it will benefit my clients!" - Sally Harrision, Metro New York, 

"In this fast-paced world where the time to think and reflect has become a luxury, Shadow Coaching offers a tremendous benefit. It, in effect, out-sources the process of reflection until it can become second-nature enough for the executive to do on their own without disturbing the flow of the day. Its power to create an executive who approaches their world in a conscious, not reflexive, manner is critical to improving life both within the world of work and outside it. It is especially gratifying to see Donna establishing a school to "clone" her talents so that the benefits of this unique and important art isn't limited to the executives that Donna can coach directly. Bravo!" - L. Braun; Phi Beta Kappa scholar, Intel America, Inc. - East Windsor, New Jersey 

"Donna is an amazing woman who is changing the world for the better, one person at a time. The beauty of Donna's approach is that the people she's impacting and changing are people that directly impact us all and the direction of society." - Kimberly Sobie; Tax Attorney - Seattle, Washington

"The idea of working with a coach was not initially mine, however my experiences with Donna have clearly shown me the usefulness and advantage of her Shadow Coaching. I honestly believe that the eight months we have worked together has brought me to at least 2 years worth of experience ahead of where I would have been had I not worked with her. Thank you Donna!" - Denis Kingsley, Vice-President, Human Resources and Corporate Services, Canadian International Development Agency currently Assistant Deputy Minister, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

"Donna has shifted the way the coaching profession 'sees' what is possible for them, to broaden and deepen the impact of coaching to politicians and political bodies of the very highest order. Talk about striking at the heart of where change means most. As Donna leads the way for others, I'm sure we will see a sea change at the identity level in (1) these organizations and (2) in coach's’ hearts and minds. If you're a politician without a shadow coach like Donna, get one. Now. And if you are a coach looking for a niche...get a hold of Donna… Yesterday." - Andrea J. Lee; Author, entrepreneur, mentor, and consultant to business owners on five continents, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  

"Donna helped me see myself as others see me. We are not always aware of what we project to others, particularly our body language. She also pointed out assumptions that I was making (unwittingly) in communicating with others. Donna helped me and my team to communicate better, to understand each other on different levels, both of which contributed to the dynamics of our interactions and to our collective productivity. I have improved my relationships with each of my direct reports as a result of 2 team- building sessions that Donna facilitated. We all feel an increased ability to speak openly about work issues that need resolution and we have greater respect and understanding for varying points of view. People are less dismissive, more open, more collaborative and more willing to 'own' their issues. The impact that Donna makes is amazing. She has such presence, such a positive outlook and energy, you can't help but be drawn to her. When you combine that with her deep knowledge of behaviour and keen observational skills, her impact is life changing." - Jennifer Benimadhu; Vice President, Canadian Partnership Branch, Canadian International Development Agency, Gatineau, Quebec  

"I think the concept and the program is first class. Instead of simply preaching some well known principles, it works with the client to effect the changes required to get a new start. I have already begun to speak enthusiastically about this program and the coach to colleagues and workers." - Francis LeBlanc; Chief of Staff: Office of the Minister of International Trade, Ottawa, Canada 

Donna blends imagination, vision and hands-on execution in a dazzling way. Her multitude of interests and connections, world-wide, made her an invaluable resource to our organization. I've often wondered about the deep source of her untiring energy, resourcefulness and results-orientation: I'm sure it is her passion for continuous learning and for creating spaces for other leaders to learn and grow beyond their limits.”  -  Agnes Mura - Past President of ICCO, Los Angeles, California

Donna is a force of nature! She brings boundless energy, technological prowess, creativity, and a deep commitment to the impact coaching has on the world of business and governments globally. Internationally savvy, Donna is all action and has much to contribute to your personal and professional growth. I highly recommend her! Donna gets things done.” - S. Pomerantz - Past Vice President at ICCO - Washington D.C.

"Donna Karlin has been a wonderful executive coach and has truly customized her coaching skills to fit my needs. She has provided terrific guidance and has helped me through a number of hurdles. She is an awesome lady with a great deal of experience. I have benefited tremendously from her work with me!" Nancy Quattrocchi, Chief Administrative Officer, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, Ottawa, Ontario 

Working with Donna has resulted in me having more confidence in myself as a leader - her discretion, tact, expert advice, friendly and energetic vibe and her commitment and professionalism and keen observations have brought me to a new level at work. Donna has, in 3 days, changed my life. The suggestions and observations Donna made were provided by a credible, caring and well-informed person, witnessing the environment and dynamics in my workplace and then providing commentary which could be debated and discussed from a shared experience. The experience blew my mind and has moved me to a new plateau." - Natasha Alimohamed: Director, Canada Border Services Agency.

Donna is a rare kind of coach. Powerful, sharp, successful and humble, keen insight, and a force to be reckoned with. She tells you like it is and doesn't fluff all the while making you feel secure in the knowledge that she believes in you and that you can take it. She leads the way in shadow coaching of government and high profile officials. A maverick, a rock, and a saint - you want her in your corner.” - Matthew Rochte; Working Intentionally™, Minneapolis-St. Paul 

Donna's laser insights keep my direction steady. Her way of getting to the heart of the matter, with humor and joy, serves as a compass for me - and for anyone whose life she touches. Anyone who has the privilege of having Donna Shadow them will see their personal and professional life improve exponentially.” – Susan R. Meyer; President, Life-Work Coach, New York City

Donna is the real deal, a one in 500,000 person who has the empathetic ability, self awareness, and domain knowledge to inspire and offer deep insight to leaders at all levels. She focuses attention on the real-world that surrounds others, without making it all about theory, or all about herself -- bad habits that hold back some practitioners in this field. I recommend Donna to anyone who honestly wishes to develop as a leader and a person in a professional environment.” – Bruce Wilson; Owner, Wilson Strategies, Seattle, Washington 

Donna Karlin is one the brightest most talented people I have had the pleasure of meeting in business and in life. Her incredible insight and talent serves all that are fortunate to work with her. I would highly recommend Donna as a coach, mentor and business consultant.” – Steve Harper; Author & Consultant, Austin, Texas 

"Donna Karlin is a living example of the attraction program she promotes. She leads by example. She is open, engaging, supportive, transparent yet discrete. She looks for the positive in people and helps them determine how to build on it. She taught me that responding rather than reacting is always more effective. She also caused me to reflect on what was sub-consciously motivating my behaviour that could be called sub-optimal. I am more confident about the things I am doing well and I know where I need to improve. I think I view people differently. I consciously try to think of their strengths and we can collaborate using their strengths so we succeed together. The program re-enforced that there is no substitute for really caring about the people you work with and believing in what you do. I am more confident, upbeat, positive and open to new suggestions.” - Anne La Salle - Director General, Information Management and Corporate Reporting, IMTB, Canadian International Development Agency. Gatineau, Quebec

I hired Donna as a coach on a recommendation from one of my staff. I really did not know what I was getting into. I was afraid that she would just rehash typical managerial theories on staff relation and time management. Oh was I in for a surprise!! Donna's approach was refreshing, challenging and totally adapted to my style and strengths. Donna comes in your environment with no preconceived views or opinions. She observes and adapts her vast knowledge to you and your workplace. She grasps rapidly the managerial culture and helps you with immediately applicable advices and techniques. In a word, she gives you what you need to better yourself. One word of a humble advice: do not hesitate to call upon her. From that moment on, your only way will be up. Thank you Donna!” - Jean-Claude Brien; Director, EMC Analysis and Consultation: Spectrum Engineering Branch; Industry Canada. Ottawa, Canada 

"Donna shows personal integrity in her innovative Shadow Coaching. Some people do not really want honesty. These people will not last long with Donna. She is willing to risk rejection to wake a person up to their own self-sabotage. Until you get out of your own way, no coaching will create significant changes and, of course, results." - James Roswell Quinn; Trainer, Author and Speaker - Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, USA

"Donna shares her insights and strategies for success in a manner which is easily assimilated. Her ability to transform thought energy into reality rivals that of great philosophers and teachers. She has amalgamated conventional wisdom and her insightful agility to create a powerful benefit to mankind." - John Pistorius; Author, webmaster and advocate for persons with disabilities - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.  

"Donna is an amazing person - bright, intelligent, funny and human - but above all FAST. She can get to the heart of an issue in the blink of an eye. Her energy and humor are infectious to everyone around her. She's accomplished amazing things and has enabled her clients to do the same." - John Satta; Founder and Principal of and - Blairstown, New Jersey  

"Donna is a very dangerous person. She has forced us to take a hard look at ourselves and pro-actively take action to overcome our own often self imposed constraints to more completely realizing our potential. We have participated in other programs and engaged other consultants to try to support change but none have be anywhere nearly as effective. We have seen significant positive changes in the performance of all staff in this office and Branch as direct result of Donna's efforts. Even in cases of employees that had become marginalized we have seen major 'turn-arounds'." Adrian Poplawski; Director, Strategic Planning Division, Information Management Technology Branch; Canadian International Development Agency. Gatineau, Quebec  



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