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Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words chosen as one of New Year's Top 12 Book Pick List by The Spirited Woman!

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Doug Llewelyn, writer and producer, and interviewer for the award-winning CUTV News and CUTV News Radio interviews Donna Karlin, Founder of the No Ceiling, Just Sky™ Institute. Click here to listen to Part 2 of the series.

Jim Masters, Television and radio personality/host, correspondent/reporter, writer/producer for the award-winning CUTV News and CUTV News Radio interviews Donna Karlin, Founder of the No Ceiling, Just Sky™ Institute. Click here to listen in.

Donna Karlin as seen in

Donna Karlin joins Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation only organization of leading global business coaches.  Click here to read more.

Donna Karlin chosen by Women of Distinction Magazine as a distinguished leader in her field. Click here to read more.  

Donna was honoured to be featured on Des Walsh's Leadership Blog, speaking on Shadow Coaching for Effective Leadership. Click here to take a listen:

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Donna Karlin joins the Strategic Red Team Consulting as an Associate. SRTC

Strategic Red Team Consulting brings proven military planning methodologies into the private sector by providing an impressive arsenal of expertise and seasoned practitioners who have honed their art over the last three decades and more. We provide customized client-oriented capacity building support from Mission Analysis through to Execution. Our unique products include “Intelligence Preparation of Your Corporate Battlefield”, “Competitive Target Analysis” as well as facilitated “Red Team” events and workshops where executive leaders and managers responsible for execution, get to test their mission, their strategy, their scenarios, critical factors and business plans against realistic commercial opponents and strategic business events. These are not merely critical test exercises, but disciplined and interactive “Exercises of Discovery” for corporate leadership, “Mechanisms of Voice” for management, and “Instruments of Organizational Learning” for all.


Donna Karlin joins our distinguished group of Council members on the Advisory Board of the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine Counseling and Psychotherapy (IABMCP) from Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Republic of China Sudan, Syria, Uganda, United Kingdom, and USA.

The Academy has been most fortunate to have serving on its Advisory Council many prominent practitioners in the areas of counseling, psychotherapy, chemical dependency counseling, behavioral medicine and professional coaching. These individuals, all of whom are IABMCP Diplomates, bring a wealth of valuable experience and wisdom that has been, and continues to be, extremely helpful to The Academy. In keeping with The Academy's eclectic philosophy, members of IABMCP's Advisory Council represent a wide range of theoretical orientations and clinical approaches. Their one common characteristic is that they have all made major contributions to their chosen disciplines and are widely respected authorities with regard to the approaches that they practice. Collectively, IABMCP Diplomates have authored hundreds of books and thousands of articles in the professional journals.


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Evan Carmichael: Business Coach Articles  


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Speaking Engagements & Conference Appearances

Crisis Intervention and Management Australasia (CIMA) - Snapshots from the Field: A View Through the eyes of a Shadow Coach® in Turbulence and Crises; Malbourne, Australia, 2017  

Enbridge: Evolving into your Leadership by Discovering Your P.O.D.  2017

IEEE: Women in Engineering - What's your Edge? How Will You Attract a Sponsor? Discover your Point of Distinction and Become More of Who You Are Chicago, 2017

One in Seven: Women Leaders of Exelon - Your Brand is your Story. Making Yours a Best Seller - Chicago, 2016

Department of Justice: Speaker for the 'Women Litigators' Initiative, Sepember 2015

DPI, Professional Development Week: Guest Speaker - The Power of Conscious Choice: Opening the Door for Human Potential 2015

Keynote Speaker at the upcoming Security and Intelligence Executive Lecture Series at The Canadian Security Partners’ Forum  in collaboration with the Telfer Centre for Executive Leadership, Ottawa, Canada - October, 2012

Keynote Speaker and multiple workshop presenter at the 2012 Southern Hemisphere Event of the International Congress of Coaching Psychology, Sydney, Australia 

Catalyst University - a graduate-level experience offering instruction in community visioning, global economics and executive management. - January 25, 2012

Collaborative Management Day, Keynote - A one-day learning event for managers, executives and leaders at all levels bringing together participants to understand, share and spread the power and value of collaboration throughout the public service. - June, 2011 

The Association of Public Sector Information Professionals (DPI) Keynote: Connecting, Collaborating and Conducting: Leading Virtual Teams to Success - September 16, 2010

Productivity Reset: Stop Giving in to Feel Good - June 15, 2010 

The Center for Radical Improvement - Performance Improvement Retreat, Washington D.C.: Creating a High Performance Culture in the Public Service - April 27-28, 2010 

Conference Board of Canada, Speaker for Public Sector Transformation: Mastering Complex Change for High Performance; November 2009

The Coach's Care Success Summit. Colleagues and peers from around the world joined together in this ground breaking summit. June 22 - 26 and July 6th, 2009. Coach's Care Success Summit is an educational fundraiser to benefit the emerging non-profit coaching community. 

Speaker at Smeal College of Business at Penn State on March 20-21, 2009.

Conference Board of Canada: Public Sector Transformation: Leading, Managing, and Sustaining Change - Speaking about "Change as an Opportunity to Create Your Future" November 19, 2008 p>

Insight on Coaching: Getting Workers Out to Vote 2008 Radio Show, October, 2008

HOW Magazine's Mind Your Own Business Conference, Keynote Speaker on "Are you Leading Through Your Creativity?" September 2008 

The Coaching Show: July 14, 2008

Leadership in Coaching Summit: Coaching Political Leaders; May 21, 2008

Association of Public Sector Information Professionals (DPI) Summit 2008: Communication: Kill or Evolve an Organization? 

Conference Board of Canada: Speaking on "Building a High Performance Climate and Culture in the Public Service", February 2008 


Articles and Interviews

Pt. 1:CUTV News Radio spotlights Donna Karlin of No Ceiling Just Sky™ Institute Click here to listen in

Pt. 2: CUTV News Radio spotlights Donna Karlin of No Ceiling Just Sky™ Institute Click here to listen in

Contributing author for the Journal of Leadership Studies. Coaching government and political leaders in complex environments An inside and outside approach. (Article first published online: 26 MAY 2011 Wiley InterScience ( • DOI:10.1002/jls.20208)

Interview with OpEd News Senior Editor Joan Brunwasser: Donna Karlin’s Observations on the Impact of Human-Based Leaders

Powerpoints: Best of 2009 - Globe and Mail: Organizing Yourself  

Personal Success Magazine: Why I Shadow my Clients: Donna Karlin; by Marie-Louise Cook  

International Journal of Coaching in Organizations (Issue 32,8 (4)): Shadow Coaching Organizational Transformation: Individual, Team,  and Organizational Dynamics of Change

International Journal of Coaching in Organizations (Issue 1 2008): Coaching in Government From the "Shadow"


News Canada: September Issue: Make This Year's School Resolution an A+ 

The Star Phoenix: Take a load off: the digital backpack

Canadian Government Executive Magazine; Creating a High Performance Culture 

Welland Tribune: How to keep balanced with so much digital clutter

Microsoft Business Center: Size Doesn't Matter: Unified Communications on a Limited Budget  

Truth Force: Mobilizing Truth for Integral Sustainable Development: What are you going to give up?  

The Boston Globe, Business Filter: Scheduled to Death?  

New York Times: Skilled Traveler? Good Coach

The Globe and Mail: Email Overload   

Canadian Government Executive Magazine: Rising Stars

Vanguard Canada Magazine; Defense and Security Magazine: Rising Stars  

Fast Company Magazine; Fast Company Now: What Would Your Life Look Life If...?

El Universo: Entrenador de vida ofrece ayuda a los viajeros frecuentes

The National Post: High Cost of Mismanaged Meetings

Fast Company Fast 50: Company rated 9 out of 10 by Fast Company Readers

Sales Promotion Magazine: Blogging For Dollars  

IAC Voice:

  • Revealing People to Themselves

  • Thoughts About Coaching Mastery 

  • Shadow Coaching at the Speed of Laser

The Training Report: Living Your Day Twice: Working With an Executive Shadow Coach Shadow Coaching Gives Executives an Up-close Look at Themselves Don't Hate Meetings. Make Them More Effective  

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