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Co-creating ideas drives change and change can be a great thing. Welcome to your A-HA! moment.


Coaching Services:

Leadership Coaching:

Shifting the way we think and feel, how we behave and respond to problematic situations expands potential, raises ownership and accountability and stimulates paradigm shifts of perspective, individual and organizational performance and possibility. 

We design coaching programs and services for the development of present and future leadership in organizations. Our expertise lies in developing skills necessary to lead especially during times of change and crisis. We are experts at developing resilient, "Level Five Leadership" and understand the critical competencies and proficiencies necessary for developing this authentic leadership capability.

We seek to develop leaders who are extraordinary individuals who have the vision and commitment to inspire, attract and engage others towards a common goal. Our focus is on the individual, social, relational and environmental aspects of the client's ‘world’. We use an integral approach that results in clients developing a deeper, more comprehensive sense of themselves and their place in their organization and the world as a whole.

In an increasingly complex world, many of the current practices of leadership do not equip people to deal with neither their biggest risks or their deepest aspirations. Leaders currently have to deal with the intensification of systemic complexity from economic and political realities. They need to be able to respond adaptively to the depth, scope and pace of change that, combined with this complexity, creates unprecedented challenging conditions.

People cannot be told what they need to know in the complexity of practice. They must learn to see for themselves. We help them see on their own behalf and in their own way what they most need to see. We don't take our you out of the workplace to work with you; our work happens alongside yours in the context of your environment so we work with you and the experience of the learning as much as the learning itself.  

Team Coaching & Workshops:

In an increasingly complex world, times of decentralization and virtual teams and collaboration across multi-disciplines and organizations, leaders must develop highly effective teams or centers of excellence. We work with leaders to understand the dynamics of group work, assess team effectiveness, inter-team dynamics and work with clients in developing strategies for building and leading high performing teams. 

We work with teams to create solution centers where, in a facilitated process, we bring innovative thinking and action to reorganizations and for strategic direction.

Ask us about our workshops, two of the most popular being:

Leadership Presence; an interactive, hands-on session on filling your space as a powerful leader, and 

Designing Multiple Futures; a workshop to help teams and organizations shift their thinking and be able to 'Dance in real time' with continuous change.
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Coaching Methodologies and Options:
There are various options open to you, each of which has its own dynamic and benefit.

We live in a complex world. Change is a constant, technologically, environmentally and organizationally. Coaching not only helps people live in a world of continuous change and transition but helps them learn how to embrace it, effectively 'dancing in real time' so they contextualize change immediately.

In order to best serve our clients we offer various formats of coaching from Shadow Coaching™, in person coaching, and tele-sessions.

Our unique contracting processes gives the clients what they need, not only what they think they can get, individually and organizationally.

Laser Coaching®

These sessions are short, sweet to the point, and get to the underling dynamic of a situation, roadblock or insight to get you moving and fast. They are 15 – 30 minutes in duration, conducted either in person or via telephone and are extremely dynamic and effective as they get people past whatever it is that is stopping them in specific situations. We block off specific days of the month for tele-laser sessions so clients know specifically when they are available to them. In circumstances where we are working with many clients within an organization, specific chunks of time can be set aside for a series of in-person laser coaching™ sessions. Contact us for more information.

Lightning Rounds

You've got me for one hour to pick my brain, create a plan of action, brainstorm and figure things out. These aren't strategy or long term change, they are more for the nuts and bolts of how you do your work, design strategies to move forward, remove a road block, figure out what ways of being are no longer serving you and redesign work dynamics.

They aren't to figure out long term goals.

This vehicle is to plan, create, figure it out, and move. These Lightning Round Sessions are perfect for Coaches, business owners, creatives, organizational leaders and solopreneurs. This is your opportunity to brainstorm with a Master Coach to figure things out and move forward and fast without having to commit to a lengthy coaching contract. These are booked as needed and held via telephone. Contact us for more information.


Shadow Coaching®

Shadow Coaching® is a particular advanced application of reflective and observational coaching that provides one way for clients to go below the surface into the core dynamics of a situation, illuminating the truth of the moment and making decisions that move people forward. Shadow Coaching involves observing and intervening in the ways people act and assisting them to take full advantage of their talent and competencies in a given field. Shadow Coaches work with emerging 'shadow' personalities and help clients embrace and accept their ‘shadows’ as a vital and valid part of their character.

Shadow Coaching® is a real time learning approach in developing a refined self-awareness and capabilities in the workplace as a result of reflection on practice. It enables people, not only to benefit from the continuous presence of an observing coach over an extended period of time in a typical set of workdays, but also develops their own role as self-observer for the long term. It aids clients in becoming reflective practitioners.

Based in part on Jung’s work on the Shadow, it draws on historical data, current context,  psychology, and the history and innate wisdom of the individual to provide a new generation of coaching practices.

This type of coaching is ideally suited to organizational leaders who must make decisions and act adaptively in intense work environments. Shadow coaching involves partnering with clients in their work environments and brings another experienced and fresh perspective that helps to identify problematic dynamics, work habits and assumptions that impede effectiveness. Within Shadow Coaching® is the competency of Laser Coaching™ which involves being able to provoke the leader’s awareness of these problematic features in ways that they can be addressed immediately. It goes beyond support to problem solving. Shadow Coaching® creates seismically altering change. Contact us for more information.

Consulting Services:

'Shadow' Consultant

Donna brings her unique skills and methodology to the legal realm and business world.

In the courtroom, Donna works with legal counsel to 'Shadow' the opposition and judge. Contact us for more information.

In the business realm, Donna Shadows her clients into business proposal meetings for potential client buy in and interest. Contact us for more information.


Coaching is just being introduced into the areas of management and business education, especially for those wishing to be on the cutting edge of industry growth.

It's the consummate professional who knows there is yet another level where the ultimate drivers of a person's thinking, behavior and performance operate.  When you instinctively know these underlying dynamics, you can go below the surface of the core dynamics of a situation, illuminating the truth of the moment. With these skills, one has a leading edge at being more than proficient in their field; they become masterful at it. Combining coaching skills within business and management education enhances the students’ ability to lead when entering the workplace.

Contact us to book Donna as a guest lecturer or speaker

We lecture in the following venues:

  • MBA Programs
  • Business undergrad programs
  • Interactive work with alumni and Master's students
  • Leadership programs


Internationally recognized pioneer in the field of Leadership Coaching, Donna Karlin delivers idea-stimulating keynotes and breakout sessions that are highly focused and results-oriented, while remaining fun and entertaining. Discover why organizations, businesses, associations and the technology sector selects Donna Karlin to keynote their conferences and meetings and provide coaching and training for their staff.

Donna's innovative work style has been featured in The New York Times business section, the Globe and Mail,  The National Post (Financial Post), The Boston Globe and Personal Success Magazine. Click here to download our brochure.

Contact us to book Donna as a Keynote speaker. Some of the topics Donna speaks on are:

  • Donna's 5-Step System to Accelerate your Career
  • Leading Change: Innovation and Engagement
  • Connecting Collaborating and Conducting: Leading Teams in an Increasingly Virtual Work Environment
  • Networks within Networks: It's All About Relationships
  • Women in Leadership: On the Rise
  • Coaching from the 'Shadows'


Want something specific? Let us tailor a speaking engagement that is unique to your organization.  Contact us for more information.


We provide training programs and workshops designed to strengthen teams, and increase team awareness. We work with groups to do personality profiling, group dynamics, talent and skills awareness and internal team perspective and alignment. We work with management boards and executive committees to strengthen organizational leadership and relationships. We design and deliver programs on Managing Change and Creating a Coaching Culture in an Organization.

We also tailor programs to meet specific needs within an organization. Contact us for more information.

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Interview with Donna Karlin on Shadow Coaching®



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