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Leaders: Their Stories, Their WordsLeaders: Their Stories, Their Words is now available!

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Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words is an anthology of one-on-one conversations held between Donna Karlin, global executive and leadership coach, and the different leaders she invited to tell their stories. Each leader was encouraged to share their personal history reflecting their transformative experiences. The stories of their amazing journeys de-mystify the experiences of seasoned and successful leaders.


Click here to download our free book The Power of Coaching: Don't Give up Your Day Job, or Should You? When global leaders like Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google, states getting a coach was "The best advice I ever got", you know coaching isn't going away any time soon. If becoming a coach is your dream, this book will help you get all your ducks in a row.


For those of you about to dive into the deep end of a divorce, here is a Guide from a coaching perspective to help you keep your head on straight during one of the most stressful times of your life. So You Want to Get Divorced?


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Perfect..According to You. D'you want to have a perfect life according to your definition, not the media, family, friends, colleagues and all the rest? Read on...Foundation Program


The 'Foundation Program' is the structure on which you build your life, your business and relationships. If you want to accomplish more with less effort, this is how to get started.


Evolutionary Practices.. This program will show you what you're not paying attention to but oh, does it ever have power!. Launching end of November 2010. Click here for more

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