Leadership Coaching:

As an executive, perspective is both the angle you see yourself from as well as the viewing height. The higher the perspective, the clearer the view. No ceiling...just sky!

If you have a narrow perspective, what happens is lack of context (you're only seeing a small piece of the puzzle), only basic understanding, and a small range of choices to decide from.

Shifting the way we think and feel, how we behave and respond to problematic situations expands potential, raises ownership and accountability and stimulates paradigm shifts of perspective, individual and organizational performance and possibility. 

We will help you increase your perspective by helping you see what you're not paying attention to, asking illuminating questions, introducing paradoxes, and co-creating stimulating arenas and environments that will expand your thinking…thus 'A Better Perspective®! . 

Why are some executives more effective leaders than others?  Because leadership is unique to each individual and each individual has to be viewed and supported based on his or her own specific style of leadership and effectiveness. That's where we come in.

Leaders understand that the key to meeting challenges lies in the development and empowerment of themselves and their staff in order to achieve results and meet the objectives of their department or organization.

The challenge lies with how to translate what is usually a one-on-one process into something that shapes organizational behaviour. It’s fitting the pieces of a puzzle together so as one can become masterful in their jobs while at the same time evolving all those around them. I look at individual and organizational growth from an observational / Shadow Coaching® perspective and see the immediate and definitive impact on individuals being coached. It’s taking coaching one step further and translating it into groups, creating a paradigm shift within the organization so growth becomes the norm, not the exception.

Each individual within the organization, through training plans and learning curves, structures their own hierarchy of needs. How executives and managers work within the system to recognize, inspire and grow their staff will determine the overall success of the organization as a whole.

There are many ways to implement coaching within an organization. The first is to coach the leadership, which is the most successful model as once leadership experiences and understands the power of having an observational Shadow Coach® work with them, they are more likely to support their staff going through the same process.

As Coaches, we look at how the managers learn to manage, inspire and grow their people, not just the ones who are easy to manage.  

Through ‘ABP's Innovation Team, Mindsful™, we study dynamics, success of coaching models and interventions and work on various combinations of how coaching may be best integrated into various organizations. We have come to the conclusion that often a laser session is all clients may need to help them remove a major roadblock, and that long term traditional models of coaching were not always the most effective. What we’ve done is to break down how we offer our coaching services into various categories, and contract for different permutations and combinations of these services to meet the needs of the clients in all contexts.

There is a huge demand within organizations for immediate results. Coaching has been proven to be a key intervention in making that happen. Coaching is now mainstream. It’s not about fixing things or people; Leadership and Executive Coaching is being used more and more within organizations to support top leaders and grow their rising stars or future leaders. Working with a Coach gives you feedback in a multitude of depths and levels. Where else will you have a non-judgmental 'partner in crime' to help you evolve into your level of excellence?

Shadow Coaching® develops new leaders within the context of their ‘worlds’ without removing them from their work. Not only have studies shown time and time again that the ROI of coaching has been documented as high as 788% but increased retention averaged 32%.

“When it comes to business and other lower-risk settings, leaders rarely think of using real-time coaches. Some of today’s companies provide their leaders with call-in advisors who discuss what happened yesterday when the leader faced a challenge and didn’t do all that well. but few provide real-time coaching. This should change.” - In Patterson, K., Grenny, J., Maxfield, D., McMillan, R., & Switzler, A. (2008). Influencer. New York: McGraw-Hill, p. 188.


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